ASKO has come a long way from the humble beginnings of a 4.5kg washing machine, produced in a little village in Sweden. Times have changed and people’s washing needs have changed with them. Households tend to be more time poor and grateful for any spare time to do things they enjoy. Recognising the changing needs of families, ASKO has developed a product to suit. Today the range already includes XL – 10kg front loading washing machines and now introducing a matching XL – 10kg Heat Pump dryer. 

Why make a bigger drum for a dryer?
Washing machine capacities are now larger than ever before, to accommodate for greater wash loads and save time for busy households. Having the same capacity on the dryer would allow you to simply transfer the wet clothes from the washing machine to dryer, without having to dry in two separate lots. That’s why they have created the 10kg (145L) Heat Pump Dryer (T884XLCHP) to perfectly complement their 10kg washing machines (W8844XL and W8844XLECO).

6 Star Energy rating
Heat pump technology puts our T884XLCHP among the most energy efficient dryers in the world and SensiDry sensors detect the level of moisture in your clothes and automatically turns off when they are dry. This prevents shrinking as well as saving energy.

Reduces creasing
Butterfly Drying helps to keep your clothes looking new and fresh by making sure clothing is not rubbing together in the machine. Two paddles inside the dryer gently push the clothing in a figure eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them. The large drum also reduces creasing as there is more room for air to circulate evenly through the clothing. The Complete range Our XL range is professionally constructed with a focus on durability, sustainability and design. The XL Heat Pump dryer is the perfect pair for our XL washing machines. 

ASKO Heat Pump Dryers are available as standard 7kg Dryers (T754CHP and T784CHP) or the XL 10kg Dryer (T884XLCHP).  

Asko Energy Efficient Heap Pump Dryers

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