Colours and finishes as individual as you. Billi has a range of tap designs that will complement your space.

Drink Pure
Water, the elixir of life. Billi’s Aqua Genius takes everyday tap water and makes it so much better. Right back to the way nature intended. Pure. Filtered, boiling, chilled, sparkling.

Simple install
The Billi Aqua Genius is small and dynamic, easily retrofitting into your existing kitchen. An everyday luxury you will wonder how you ever did without. The convenience of ready boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water. Pure unadulterated hydration on demand.

Right for you
Billi has thought of you. Whatever your application there is an Aqua Genius. Specify or retrofit Aqua Genius. Smart technology and best practice maintenance programming. No ventilation requirements for the water cooled Aqua Genius modules. Cool running without the need for cupboard ventilation. You can even adjust the temperature of the chilled water temperature to suit you.

Individual Style
Colours and finishes as individual as you. Billi has a range of tap designs that will complement your space. Choose from handcrafted, artisan colours and finishes: Matte White, Matte Black, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Grape, French Blue, Red, Gold, Lime Green, Weathered Bronze, Rose Gold and Chrome. Or specify a custom colour or finish and we will deliver your signature Billi to you.

Aqua Genius, that’s Billi.

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