Brass tapware and accessories

Looking back at the highlights of 2017, brass tapware and accessories have quickly become a show-stopper in the Southern Innovations world of interior design and bathroom, kitchen and laundry products.

Making a comeback in leaps and bounds, brass has found its way into a big number of Australian homes in 2017, and we expect to see more in the New Year.



What the professionals say

We turned to the interior know-how of Lauren Sharman, Interior Designer at Studio & You, for the latest on brass. We asked Lauren if she thinks brass is hot, or not.

“Hot! Brass is timeless. You can still find it in original Australian homes, and we’ve seen it a lot on recent client briefings. It’s coming back in a big way.”

Brass Tapware Collection Astrawalker Icon Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout Eco Brass

Brodware SQ 75 Collection, Polished Nordic Brass (left), Astrawalker Icon Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout, Eco Brass (right)

Working with texture and colours

At Southern Innovations, we work closely with customers to help them put together the perfect product selection to achieve their dream interior style for their bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Whether our customers are creating a vintage or modern look, working with concrete or timber, rich greys or navy blues, we’re noticing a fairly even divide between customers choosing to either integrate brass as a subtle feature, or to make a statement with elaborate brass that’s dark, rich and bold.

Working with texture and colours
Brodware Manhattan Kitchen Set, Brushed Swiss Brass (left), Rogerseller Arq Basin Wall Mixer Outlet, Rose Copper (middle), Astrawalker Metropolis Basin Mixer, Copper (right)

Lauren says, “Brass is so versatile. It can be used as detailing for both contemporary and classic spaces, such as bathroom tapware, where it becomes the accent of the space. Remember, it doesn’t need to be used in mass to have an impact, sometimes little hints are more affective.”

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Choosing the right brass – polished or living  

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, brass is great as either a high-shine polished finish, or an un-lacquered ‘living’ metal that changes over time.

Brass Collection Astrawalker Icon Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout Eco Brass

Brodware Yokato Basin Mixer with Knurled Lever, Polished Nordic Brass PVD (left), Brushed Nordic Brass PVD (right)

Lauren warns, “Be careful of organic or ‘living’ finishes. These will patina (change colour) over time with use. Personally I think this a lovely quality of the natural material, however if this is not for you make sure you are specifying a brass finish that won’t change.”

As brass ages you become witness to a natural change that’s the result of touch, water and the atmosphere, process – imperfections that add to the allure. Choosing a polished or organic (living) finish really comes down to personal taste.

A word about organic brass

Organic, untreated brass finishes are living finishes, and over time patina will form on the surface of the brass. The initial polish of un-lacquered brass will mature to develop a patina – and the unique character reminiscent of old brassware. Areas that are touched often by hand become lighter, while areas that are rarely touched will darken and oxidise to create a beautiful and distinctive lustre.

The verdict

The thing we love is that brass works in both contemporary and more traditional spaces, and pairs perfectly with multiple textures and colours, making it one of the most diverse tapware finishes.

Brass is timeless and we expect to see its popularity continue to surge in 2018. Copper and bronze have an important place too, so expect to see more of these finishes in the New Year.  

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