The bathroom is becoming increasingly important as a private retreat. Many people want to switch off here and recover from the stress of everyday life. This can be achieved to especially good effect by choosing a minimalist, harmonious fit-out for the bathroom, thus creating a soothing atmosphere. Because they are all perfectly coordinated with each other, Kaldewei shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins bring harmony to the bathroom.

The successful Cono product family is particularly suitable for designing a bathroom that exudes tranquillity and clarity because the floor-level enamelled Conoflat shower surface, the Conoduo bathtub and the Cono washbasins are connected by a harmonious design.

Thanks to the Kaldewei Coordinated Colours Collection, the colours of the floor-level enamelled Conoflat shower surface can be perfectly adapted to suit the surrounding bathroom architecture. This is a major advantage, particularly in small or narrow bathrooms because a consistent colour and material concept will open up the room and make it look bigger.

The Conoduo bathtub – shown above with electronic Kaldewei Comfort Select fittings – is an open invitation to take a relaxing bath. Two comfortable back rests and a central outlet that is flush with the tub ensures unique bathing comfort – either alone or à deux.

Cono washbasins made of superior steel enamel are available in various sizes and can be installed in many different ways – with wall-mounted, inset countertop, undercounter or countertop versions. Like the bathtub and the shower surface, the Cono washbasins also pick up on the characteristic design elements such as the square, enamelled waste cover.


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