The words ‘colourful bathroom’ conjures terrifying visions of seventies-style curved red spa baths and Perspex, of which surely no-one but Austin Powers would be championing a return. So, although colour in the home is great – in theory – how can it be realistically introduced into the bathroom without it looking garish?

Typically, contemporary bathroom design is all-white, which has both functional and symbolic value. Functionally, white maximises the ability to see dirt and stains, cleanliness being the priority of this room in the home. Following in a similar vein, white has traditionally been a symbol of purity, which resonates with the act of ablution.

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It’s possible to select a scheme of neutral tones, rather than all-white, for the bathroom. However this can date quickly depending on the subtleties of the tone, or even look drab under certain light. On the other hand, a classic black and white piece such as the Metamorfosi ​basin (pictured top left) is a timeless addition that can make a bathroom stand out for all the right reasons. Similar to the appeal of a tuxedo, a monochromatic piece such as this adds instant glamour, without needing to be concerned about a passing trend – black and white being the eternally elegant pairing. 

Another strategy to increase visual interest is through introducing different textures and softer, more organic, shapes into the bathroom. Timber accessories such as the Dot Range (pictured above left) add a touch of warmth into this often-sterile space, the softer material a welcome complement to hard surfaces such as ceramic, metal and glass. Other finishes such as marble or stainless steel can also invite a moment of subtle variation in an otherwise tame scheme.

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Where bathroom design is generally hard-edged to maximise space, organic forms can serve to both add interest and create a more welcoming aesthetic line. The Leaf Robe Hook (pictured above right) evokes a sense of nature through its organic form, imbuing the bathroom experience with a feeling of wellness – one of the most important psychological functions of the space. 

So while colour is important in the home, keep it subtle in the bathroom with classic pairings, or choose to make your design mark instead via variations in texture and shape.

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