Next Generation Tapware - Axor Stark V

​Touch technology, thermostatic mixers and intuitive systems will take you ahead of the game.

Eccentric By Rogerseller


Designed by Rogerseller and developed in partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric By Rogerseller embraces quirky genius by progressively revealing an unexpected back plate featuring cold and hot indicators, thanks to its axis uniquely positioned off-centre.

Eccentric received the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Rogerseller Eccentric Tapware

Why we love it

Using German cartridge technology, Eccentric By Rogerseller supports energy saving by opening in a low pressure, cold position which increases in pressure with the turn of the dial. Warm water is introduced past the middle mark, increasing as the dial moves to its furthest open position.

Rogerseller Eccentric Wall Mounted


AXOR Stark V


The highly innovative product design of AXOR Starck V lends your home a sense of individuality with glass pours that create a bathroom showpiece. The glass body allows the elegant vortex to display, or a well of water when it’s not running.

Axor Stark V Vortex Tapware


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AXOR One has transformed the idea of a central shower control element into an engaging, purely mechanical interface that refines showering into a tactile, precise and responsive practice.

Hansgrove Axor One Central Shower Control Element


Temperature is set by turning the central dial, while a small lever regulates water volume, and the Eco Mode reduces water consumption up to 50%. The flow of water is activated and deactivated by tapping of the paddles. 



Edward Barber Jay Osgerby Axor One


Hansgrohe ShowerSelect


Operate your shower with the touch of a button with hansgrohe ShowerSelect. Tapping is the new turning, where showers are controlled intuitively using the select buttons. The clear and minimalist design means that they can be matched with many other products while maintaining the premium integrity of your bathroom design.

Hangsgrohe Shower Select Wall Mounted


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