At Southern Innovations we know that the success of the business is largely dependent on having loyal and capable staff members. That’s why we’re very pleased to acknowledge our talented commercial team administrator, Kristyn Emerson, who today marks 15 years of employment in our company. 

For managing director, Warwick Beutler, recognising the contribution of individuals such as Kristyn is paramount. They’ve helped to maintain the position we enjoy within our areas of service. 

“It’s a long time, but over those 15 years Kristyn has shown nothing but loyalty and dedication to her tasks,” Warwick said. “Kristyn is an important daily contact for our customers and suppliers. She always meets customers’ expectations, and if the occasional problem arises or the scope of project changes without notice, she handles the situation in the calm and confident manner which is her trademark.”  

Kristyn vividly recalls her first day in the old Mitchell showroom, which was spent assembling tap sets and learning about the various pieces she would soon explain to customers. She soon joined the commercial team, which is closely linked to Canberra’s construction industry, and many of the best builders in the region. 

“The most rewarding part of my job is definitely the relationships I build with my customers, and of course ‘my boys’ Kyle Turner and Todd Jackson,” Kristyn said. “At the end of the day you spend more than eight hours at work, so the people you work with are really important.” 

In recognition of her work within the team, and to build on the strength of her product knowledge, Kristyn recently received a trip to Germany.

“I had a week touring Germany with one of our suppliers, Argent Australia, followed by a week in Frankfurt at the ISH bathroom fair, then headed over to Paris for my first time there. Highlights included the architecture and history in Germany visiting Trier and Melsungen, and in Paris the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and the unbelievable pastries and macaroons in Montmartre,” Kristyn recalls. “The factory tours were a great experience, learning how things are manufactured and how factories are run. It’s easy to get caught up in selling products and not think about how the products are made.”

Product knowledge has to be second-to-none, so where the opportunity arises visiting international suppliers is a must. 

“The expertise of our staff is a major reason why we have so many loyal builders as our customers,” Warwick said. “So congratulations, Kristyn.  You are a treasure, and we sincerely appreciate the effort you have put in over the last 15 years.”