Building Designers Australia (BDA) is the leading building designers association in Australia and represents a growing group of skilled designers. BDA have assisted designers and industry across Australia for more than 50 years and are recognised as a proactive leader on issues affecting the built environment and the building industry.  The current BDA ACT chapter was formed in 2003 and boasts many award winning designers and a wealth of experience in the building industry.

One of the common questions is “What is a building designer?” or “What is the difference between a building designer and an architect?”

As the name suggests, building designers design buildings; so in that sense they are very similar to architects. Generally speaking most building designers specialise in residential projects including new homes, renovations and additions and some small to medium scale multi-unit work. Building designers have diverse backgrounds. Many have tertiary qualifications in building design or architectural drafting, others have a background in building and construction, and some are graduate architects who have not completed the registration process to become an architect.

Building designers have a reputation for applying practical knowledge to their design. One of the strengths of a building designer is their ability to achieve a good balance between the practical build-ability of a home and its design intent against a given brief and budget.
BDA ACT chapter is enjoying increased exposure and influence over the direction of planning and development in the Canberra region.

The benefit of using a BDA member is having access to the pool of local knowledge and experience in all things design and building related. Finding a building designer in your area is as simple as visiting and select ‘Find a Designer’ from the menu.



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